seismographies 1. quei loro incontri

2012, books, black wax (140 x 30 x 8 cm approx.)

A line has been engraved on the surface of several open books, covered in black wax and whose pages are interwoven. This line, whose shape is reminiscent of a seismography, reproduces the sound spectrum of the last phrase uttered by a character at the end of the film These Encounters of Theirs made in 2006 by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet.

seismographies 2. wanderings

2012, wall installation, 9 glassless frames, burns on paper, HD video in a loop (34 min)/

Nine sheets of paper framed. Each one bears the marks of a burn produced by sunlight and amplified by a magnifying glass. The alignment of the frames suggests the existence of an imaginary horizontal line that goes through the burn and consolidates the collection. In turn, the video that accompanies the installation reveals nine sequences that show, in a closed frame, the reflection of the sky produced by the magnifying glass as well as the effect of the sun on paper.


seismographies 3. bookbindings

2013, books, black wax (353 x 75,5 x 86,5 cm) /

From one end to the other, a line runs through the surface of a group of books covered with black wax. By means of a manual reproduction of a sonogram drawn directly onto the books, a line graphically evokes the sounds of a book-binding workshop. Thus, the line appears as a sort of seismography that chains together the books, while depicting the internal movements reminiscent of the process: the silent words contained therein and the sounds produced by the craftsmen during the making of the books.

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