not a single place in there that does not see you

2009, in situ intervention, b/w video loop (30 min), sound, 36 halogen spotlights, variable dimensions

This work was made in situ at the Centre d’art Bastille (CAB), which is located in an ancient military fortress overlooking the city of Grenoble (France). A screen placed at the end of the exhibition room prevents the spectator from looking outside onto a view of the city of Grenoble. On the screen, a video is projected in a loop, showing the hands of a blind person “reading” a text printed in Braille: a chapter on the Panopticon taken from Michel Foucault’s book Discipline and Punish. In the room one can hear the amplified sound of the reader’s breathing and of his fingers going over the words of the texts. These sounds are equally disseminated towards the city through an amp system placed in the outside of the arts centre. On the other side of the screen, addressing the city through the windows, a set of lights reproduces the word “listen”, following the patterns of the Braille alphabet.

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