rewindings (Ivry‐sur‐Seine, April 2014)

2014, 3 unsynchronized video loops, (13 min 32, 9 min 47, 23 min 29), on three screens /

Until the closing of the Manufacture des Œillets (an eyelet factory in Ivry‐sur‐Seine) at the end of the 70s, a clock used to mark the time on its double quadrant: towards the city of Ivry and towards the inside of the factory, stipulating the workers’ rhythm of labour. The artistic intervention attempted to remount this clock with the help of two craftsmen specialised on mechanic clock-making.

The three videos that make up the installation simultaneously show the three timeframes of this effort: fixed-shot images of the still machinery; the work of the craftsmen (the sound from this video marks the pace of the installation); and the slow movement of the needles (in a fixed shot from outside) once the clock was re-set in motion.

Work specifically made for the exhibition l’espace épisodique (Centre d’art contemporain Le Crédac, 2014).

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