mirage(s) 3. les coamels *

(*) the mushrooms

2007, fingerprints, variable dimensions
(in situ intervention, Domaine de la Pièce, Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare)

Work made during a residency at the town of Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare. After getting to know the town and talking to its people, I collected the nicknames of around 80 of its inhabitants, some of them belonging to people no longer alive. These nicknames are a manifestation of the relationship between the people from this place (the “coamels”) with their town, the local dialect (Occitan) and the nature that surrounds them. I made a pattern for each nickname and I asked those who had offered me the words to help me inscribe their epithets on the windows of the house of Domaine de la Pièce using their own fingerprints..